TM245P series is the third generation of Neoden Tech’s desktop pick and place machines, offering high speed and accuracy, compact in size, low power use, stable performance and easy to operate. Compared with the previous couple generation models TM220A and TM240A,TM245P series adopted automatic discharging device with electronic magnetic pressure type gear,vibration feeder which can support to mount components packaged by tubes,research and develop a new generation high speed drive system (equivalent to servo system),adding a new function of IC’s mechanical correction and flexible PCB positioning function, committed to create the greatest value for customers in the actual production.

Delivery time:1-2 weeks

TM245PA Pick and Place Machine



Delivery time:1-2 weeks

TM245PA Characteristics

This new and third generation desktop pick and place machine is a model with completely independent intellectual properties, as result of the latest research and developments. Below are the new features of he TM245PA model in comparison to the second generation models TM220A and TM240A:

  • automatic discharge device with electronic magnetic pressure type gear
  • vibratory stick feeder that enables to use components packed in tubes/sticks
  • a new generation high-speed drive system (equivalent to servo system)
  • a fine-pitch centering station for large components
  • automatic recovery function of step out
  • flexible positioning of pcb's