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NeoDen TM220A and NeoDen TM240A are desktop automatic pick and place machines especially developed for research laboratories, schools and small to medium manufacturing enterprises, however they are also suitable for the serious hobbyist. These automatic pick and place machines are suitable for small batch production, laboratory research and development, product sample trials, LED SMT processing and other similar processes.

These machines are small, easy to program and operate. They offer a respectable placement capacity, high accuracy, reliability and excellent cost performance. Our machines are ideal for small and medium manufacturing enterprises as they are a solution to the problem of high labor and equipment maintenance costs. You can rely on our machines to consistently produce high volume and consistent quality products.

Delivery time:1-2 weeks

TM240A Pick & Place Machine



You will recieve a complete configuration, including feeders, service kit and manual.

With 2 year warranty in EU only!

Delivery time:1-2 weeks

TM240A Pictures

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Delivery time:1-2 weeks

TM240A Specfications

  • Max. Pcb Sizes; 350x390mm (XxY)
  • Placement Heads; 2
  • Tape Feeders; 27 positions:
    21x8mm, 4x12mm, 2x16mm
  • Bulk Feeder; 1 lane with 10 pockets
  • Vibration Stick Feeder; n/a
  • Max. Placement Capacity; 7.000cph
  • Placement Accuracy; ± 0.03mm
  • Max. Travel Speed; 1m/sec.
  • Components sizes; 0402 up to 15x15mm
    Smallest Pitch is 0,5mm
  • Components height; up to 3,5mm
  • Dimensions; 940×680×290mm (L×W×H)
  • Vacuum; 92kpa
  • Vacuum Pumps; 3 (built-in)
  • Power Supply; 220V, 100W
  • Net Weight; 35kg
Delivery time:1-2 weeks

TM240A Product Characteristics

  • Laser positioner, easy for online programming
  • Vacuum detection, automatically dispose and make up if picking fail or pick misaligned
  • Dual pick and place head design helps increase output, 360-degree orientation
  • Noise reduction, Dual built-in mute type pumps (cost and room saving, no need to prepare additional pump)
  • Standard 8G SD card, mass storage of CSV working file
  • LCD, Touch screen interface input/output, easy operation (English)
  • Integrated Automatic Feeders (cost saving, no need to buy extra mobile feeders), Automatic Nylon Spool Wheel (Very convenient, tape Nylon skin automatically peel away)
  • Works with four different types of high-precision nozzles
  • Humanization design, customized feeders
  • Can mount 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1812, 2010, 2512, SOT-23, LED (3528, 5050, etc.), SOT89, SOP-8, SOP-14, SOP-16, SOT-223, SOT-252 and IC components (IC size under 16*16mm, PIN foot less than 100, fine-pitch above 0.5mm, the height of component less than 3mm) with required precision.
  • No vision system, the self-developed Laser positioning principle is quite effective for this type of machine.
  • Build-in software operating system, support Online programming: could easily online programming if you don’t have PCB Circuit diagram, with the assistance from laser positioner. No need to attach to a separate computer.
  • Easy programming, only takes 5mins: use Protel tool to extract the PCB circuit coordinate file, and use the format transformation tool we provided to you to transform the file format, and then copy to the SD card, insert to the machine, then you could use the file directly.
  • Standardization of packaging ensures safe transport.
  • Small and lightweight: simple installation, convenient transportation.
  • Working power 100W: Environmental protection and energy saving.
Delivery time:1-2 weeks

TM240A Configuration

  • Pick and Place Machine TM240A
  • Vacuum Nozzles: 6 pieces (2xXS, 2xS, 1xM, 1xL)
  • 8G SD Card: 1
  • Card reader: 1
  • Nozzle disassembly tool: 1 set
  • Nozzle cleaning tool: 1 set
  • Adjustment tool for Nylon Spool Wheel:1
  • User manual: 1
  • Video training course: 1 set
  • PCB Coordinate file transformation tool: 1